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Query Letter Revamp

Product Copy for Store Pages

Hourly Rate: $50

Query Letter Revamp

Two Revisions = 1.5 hours

Looking for a literary agent? With this service, my intention is to turn your query letter into a clear, concise, and stellar pitch that will interest any agent.

Below are examples of two rounds of edits I completed for a satisfied client (who has my thanks for letting me use this as a sample!)

Product Copy for Store Pages

Revision of Existing Blurb = 1 hour
Write New Blurb = 2 hours
*(Plot outline required for both)

Two things sell books: covers and product page descriptions.

If there’s one thing I’ve done a million times, it’s create book blurbs for store pages such as Amazon. Sometimes it seems harder than writing the actual book! But it’s a skill that only time, repetition, and revision can develop. Below are examples of the copy I’ve written for my own books, and what I’m willing to produce for your novel (outline of plot is required).

Strange University Product Page Copy

Enter a strange new world, where students ride gargoyles to the library, vampires solve murders, and classes start at night under the full moon..

My name is Simon Meadows: blood-drinker.

I am an ethical vampire. I only prey on wicked men, never on the innocent. For this, my coven condemned me to a half-century of darkness, buried alive in my own coffin with only my feeble psychic cries for help.

Then, a voice answered. He offered me freedom in exchange for a sacred vow to guard a paranormal university—a school of magic and danger, where students wield supernatural powers, demons prowl from other worlds, and professors teach the secrets of wizardry and the occult. A place where the multiverse reveals its wonders and horrors.

But now, a student is dead. A killer with a disturbing weapon not from this world is at large. I must stop him before he destroys everything I care about, including my werewolf apprentice, my shapeshifter best friend, and my unusual new home, Strange University.

And I thought being buried alive was hard.

TRAINLAND Product Page Copy


Jack Devins lost his four-year-old daughter Kelly in a tragic accident, and his will to live. He is about to jump in front of a subway train and end the pain forever when a mysterious, disfigured homeless man stops him. He has a message for Jack—a message from the great beyond.

Kelly’s soul is trapped in the darkest place imaginable. Jack could rescue her, but only if he follows this “burnt man” into a pitch-black subway tunnel, where death by a mysteriously silent train will awaken his soul in a place of surreal horror and eldritch wonder.

In the crumbling city known as Trainland, demons roam, interdimensional train stations exchange tickets for pieces of your soul, and a powerful, bloodthirsty cult controls the only means of travel. As he makes the dangerous journey from one end of the city to the other, Jack will learn the startling truth about what happened to his daughter the day she died…

…and what tragedy awaits him and the rest of his family – unless he can make it home in time to stop Fate itself.

Board the ghost train into an underworld unlike any you’ve ever experienced. See why fans are describing their journey through Trainland as “terrifying” “freaky” and “unique,” with a “twist you’ll never see coming.”

OUTBREAK Product Page Copy

The end of the world was the beginning of his nightmare…

His father was dying. The Outbreak had killed everyone else. Kip Garrity has one last chance to save the only family he has left: leave his fortified home for the first time in years and find medicine in a broken world where everything is trying to kill him.

Armed with guns, tools, and knowledge passed down from his Green Beret father, Kip never expects to find a girl he never forgot. Alive and on a mission of her own, she agrees to work together so they can have a chance at survival—if only they can find a way to get along.

But a psychopath and his bloodthirsty band of raiders have other plans. Caught in their web, surrounded by an incoming zombie horde, Kip will have to act fast. He has a plan so crazy it might work, or it might fail and cost him the lives of everyone he loves—and maybe even his soul.

ASCENDANT Product Page Copy

The military designed his brain… Now, they will go to war with him…

Life is hard in the People’s Republic of America, an oppressed nation torn apart by war. After a violent encounter involving secret police officials, teenager Michael Cairne discovers telepathic powers that call the attention of the nation’s dictator, the One President himself, Harris Kole.

When Michael’s family is slaughtered, he escapes thanks to a rebel leader, who explains Michael’s importance as a “Type I” telepath in a secret underground war. Michael must join the rebel cause or face Kole’s army alone.

At a mountain hideout, Michael trains with other gifted rebels. As he struggles to fit in, he must battle his dark side, a ruthless “shadow self” implanted in his brain before birth, bent on justice and revenge. His relationship with two sisters—one a healer, the other a liar—will test everything he is made of and show him the true power of love and hate.

Michael must harness his power quickly. Kole has unleashed an assassin with similar abilities to hunt Michael down. A final, epic battle will force Michael to choose between two paths: become an Ascendant and change the world—or become the Bloodcrier and leave nothing but destruction in his wake.


Grab a sword. Level up. Kick some ass.

Guilty of being an internet troll, Carey Walsh will pay for his sins.

Trapped in a VR pod by a vengeful billionaire with a mysterious grudge, Carey is forced to play Luminether Online, a game of magic and myth, where dying in the simulation means dying in real life.

He meets other prisoners in the game, each with a dark past and guilty of sins like Carey’s. They will join forces to escape, but none of them know the truth.

Luminether Online is more than a game. It is a mastermind with a sinister plan.

And it won’t let them go without a fight.

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