Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Writing is hard.

Sometimes you get an idea and time is limited, or you feel like a professional could do a better job with the execution.

Or maybe you just want someone to tackle that painful first draft, so you can shape the result in the ensuing drafts.

Whatever the reason, I’m here to help you put those words on the page and give your idea the polish and form it deserves.

See below for a more detailed explanation of what a ghostwriter does.

*At this time, I am only ghostwriting manuscripts up to 15,000 words

Cost of Ghostwritten Text

500 – 1,500 words – $0.175 per word

2k – 15k word manuscript – $0.185 per word

Speedy Delivery (half the standard time) – add $0.055 per word

Turnaround Time

500 – 1,500 words = 3 days

2k – 7k words = 1 week

8k – 10k words = 1.5 weeks

11k – 15k words = 2 weeks

Please note I do not require any sort of contract, and I’m happy to sign an NDA related to the project in question

What Exactly is Ghostwriting

Here’s how describes ghostwriting:

“A ghostwriter is hired to write works that officially credit another person as the author. Typically ghostwriters sign a contract with the credited author that requires them to keep their work confidential, often through a nondisclosure agreement. Usually, a ghostwriter won’t be credited at all.”

Here’s how describes ghostwriting:

“Ghostwriting is when another writer takes on the book writing responsibility of an author or client. Many times, this is done when a person cannot or does not want to write their own book, but has a strong idea for one. They will often hire a freelancer to serve as a ghostwriter in order to get their book project written. A good ghostwriter captures the client’s voice, while properly executing their literary vision.”

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