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Need help publishing a book you can be proud of? My guided sessions and trained eye for marketing copy & packaging will help you create the best product


With over 15 years of professional writing & editorial experience – including a Master’s in Creative Writing – I’ll help turn your words around and make your sentences sing


Have a professional writer with an MFA, 15+ years of experience, and thousands of positive reader reviews produce your article, blog post, or work of fiction (up to 15,000 words)

My Services

Content Editing

Content editing is a vital step in transforming your manuscript from a rough draft to a polished work. I’ll help you enhance the structure, characters, and theme of your story, as well as fix plot holes, melodrama, and overwriting.

Line (+Copy) Editing

Your story deserves to be told with clarity, elegance, and flair. You don’t want to lose your readers’ attention or interest with weak sentences, “purple” prose, or unrealistic dialogue. Instead, let’s work together to make your sentences shine!

Copy Editing

Being a good writer isn’t enough. Your manuscript must be free of errors and inconsistencies that can distract or confuse your readers. That’s why you need a copy editor who can elevate your sentences to the highest professional standard.

Marketing & Publishing

Whether you aim to secure a traditional publishing deal or launch your own indie venture, I can help you craft effective and engaging copy for your ads, product description, or queries to literary agents.


You have a brilliant idea, but you don’t have the time or the expertise to write the words. That’s where I come in. I’m a professional writer who can help you craft your vision and produce your first draft.


Looking for a reliable partner who can offer expert guidance in your writing and publishing endeavors? Collaborate with a seasoned author and editor who brings nearly two decades of experience in the industry.


Ultimate Book Release Package

Want to publish your book without the hassle? I’ll take care of everything from editing to design, packaging, and marketing with my Ultimate Book Release Package!

Editing 2-Pack

Purchase a developmental editing service (content or line+copy) and get a new service on this – or a different – manuscript for 20% off. Contact me to set up your discount!

Editing & Design Bundle

Purchase both developmental editing services (content and line+copy) and get 5 free images generated for your cover! Contact me to share your specifications!

About Me

Richard Denoncourt

MFA Author & Editor

Since 2006, I’ve been crafting, designing, and publishing fiction, earning thousands of positive book reviews from readers on Amazon, Goodreads, and other popular sites.

My passion for literature and ideas began at Colgate University, where I studied the classics, workshopped my stories, and eventually became an English and Philosophy dual major with a minor in Creative Writing.

I continued my education for two years at The New School in New York City, earning an MFA degree while working with some of the best writers in the country.

Now, I want to share my expertise and talent with other writers in need of professional guidance. Whether you require editing, proofreading, or design, I can help you transform your manuscript into a work of art worth sharing with the world.

My Books


I recently worked with Richard Denoncourt on the editing of my first novel, as well as my query letter. His efforts exceeded all my expectations on both fronts. I was not only extremely pleased with the quality of his work and results, but also the genuine caring he continually demonstrated throughout the process for the success of the book and my growth as an author. Richard was fully invested in the book and in the person, and I am appreciative and grateful for both. If you want a great editor, teacher, and motivator I would strongly recommend Richard. He will undoubtedly exceed your expectations, as he did mine.


YA Fantasy author & client

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