About Me

Richard Denoncourt

MFA Author, Publisher & Editor

Since 2006, I’ve been crafting, designing, and publishing fiction, earning thousands of positive book reviews from readers on Amazon, Goodreads, and other popular sites.

My passion for literature and ideas began at Colgate University, where I studied the classics, workshopped my stories, and eventually became an English and Philosophy dual major with a minor in Creative Writing.

I continued my education for two years at The New School in New York City, earning an MFA degree while working with some of the best writers in the country.

Now, I want to share my expertise and talent with other writers in need of professional guidance. Whether you require editing, proofreading, or design, I can help you transform your manuscript into a work of art worth sharing with the world.

My advice to all writers?

Keep practicing the craft and don’t be afraid to seek a professional’s help! 

Why me?

I’ve edited countless stories for creative writing students in my Bachelor’s and MFA programs.

I’ve written and edited over a million words of my own fiction, eventually publishing eight books that I meticulously picked apart with tweezers…

I’ve spent over a thousand hours editing marketing copy – product pages, Amazon & Facebook ads, back-of-the-book blurbs, and websites.

Remember, editing is one of the most crucial steps for any work of fiction that hopes to be taken seriously—not just by critics, but by the most important people of all…



My job is to make sure your fiction reads like a seasoned pro wrote it.


My job is to make your style consistent and your sentences sing.


My job is to get your book ready to publish…and sell!

Ready to work with me?